Make local, national, mobile, international and special service calls with TPG's ISDN (for multiple phone lines) and PSTNs.

TPG's ISDN is especially useful for high call traffic applications such as those generated by PABXs. Call centres and companies with high call volumes can choose multiple 30 channel connections with flexible pricing packages and advanced support.




Your ISDN can be configured to support either 'both way' or 'outgoing call traffic' only. Your PSTNs can be delivered via Telstra Rebill or TPG voice using NBN Access/NTUs up to 8 PSTN where NBN Access is available.

Cost savings and support

Save on installation and reduce your Access rental costs; and receive 24/7 support to minimise hassles and improve business continuity.

Separate data calls

Use your ISDN connection for data applications via incoming and outgoing switched data calls at 64Kbps.

TPG's ISDN and PSTNs are premium quality services which utilise:

  • TPG's carrier-grade voice and data network for calls within Australia
  • TPG's partnerships with leading overseas networks for international calls
  • Multiple PSTNs via the NBN where the service is available.


Access Technology Primary rate ISDN (ETSI TS038) and TS014 (Australian standard) delivered on the customer side of the NTU with multiple network Access options.
Access Networks Mid-band Ethernet
Ethernet over fibre
Third party
Channels 10, 20, 30 and multiples
Access Capacity 10 channel PRA, 20 channel PRA and 30 channel PRA
Access Configuration Both way, outgoing only
Interfaces G.703/G.704 120 Ω balanced and G.703/G.704 75 Ω unbalanced
Features In-dial, Calling Line Identification (CLI), number redirection, user to user messaging, extension level billing, connect message and progress message with cause.
Local Number Portability Yes with participating carriers
Site Requirements Rack space (1RU) and 240V AC 50Hz power to be provided by you
Reporting Summary invoice and individual call details


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